Overlooking the Hudson River and neighboring Bowdoin Park, the Maitreya Center is a short train-ride from New York City and near international airports. The Maitreya Center will provide the meditation space and facilities for both residents and visitors to study and practice the Buddha’s teachings in a setting engaged with nature. To preserve this setting, we are developing green-conscious ways to improve and preserve the natural beauty of the monastery grounds.

prayer flags

For example, donors have sponsored white pine trees, which were planted between the Maitreya Center and the three-year retreat facilities. The white pine is one of the largest and longest living trees native to North America. By forming a natural border between the Maitreya Center and retreat facilities, the trees serve to maintain the meditative solitude of our retreat practitioners, and the trees will provide a lasting resource for the local environment. We also have built a retention pond to manage storm-water runoff and prevent flooding. Further, the grounds of KTC Monastery have served as a safe haven for several wild animals through the years.

pine trees

Pine trees between the Maitreya Center and retreat houses


...By the retreat house's door


...On gravel in front of the Maitreya Center

By participating in green giving, you will help sustain both the Buddha’s teachings and the monastery’s natural setting. As the Maitreya Center construction is underway, we also need funds to care for the monastery grounds and plans are ongoing to plant flowers and other greenery. Please consider one of our green donor options:

Green Friend
We welcome any amount to ensure that we can continue our efforts to improve and preserve the monastery grounds and natural surroundings. Thank you for your support!

Green Patron
Donate $1,800 to be a Green Patron!

Butter lamps will be offered in your name during one of our weekly butter lamp offerings at the monastery. In addition, your name will be engraved on a plaque for our green donors. Or you may request to have a name of your choice (such as a loved one or friend) engraved on the plaque. Visiting masters will bless the plaques and pray for those who have made contributions to the monastery.

Green Earth Protector
A donation of $5,000 will earn you the honor of a Green Earth Protector.

In addition to the benefits of a Green Patron, your name will be provided to the Gyalwang Karmapa and Tai Situ Rinpoche in a special prayer request.

Green Victorious One
For those who wish to sustain the monastery’s natural setting with a donation of $10,000, you will receive the benefits of a Green Earth Protector.

In addition the benefits described above, you will receive a consecrated treasure vase, as well as a special card conferring the title of Green Victorious One in acknowledgement of your profound support.